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Today was an exceptional day. After months of grey and bleak, today saw bright and sunny, and for the first time this year !


When I gathered the materials for this set of coasters, it was raining but the yellow shards of plastic are most poignant, as is the fact they were finished today.


If you know Sennen, you'll know that in the winter months, the Sennen Cove tarmac doesn't see a drop of sun light and the locals don't recieve any vitamin D. In order to get into the sun, you either have to walk to the end of the pier (see picture) or walk down to the other end of the beach where the sun beams. 

We're truely drawn to the sun and the attraction interests me.

The reason this piece as called 'DHL' is because, on a grey dull Sennen day, a few of us were sat in the surf school on Sennen Cove and it was cold and dark. Suddenly there was an uplifting presence outside and we all imediately felt good and drawn to this light.

When we looked outside, we saw that a huge DHL van had pulled up, right outside the front window. That's when we acknowledged how warming and attractive the colour yellow actually is.


Big brands in marketing will considder logo colour very carefully.

Yellow is known to draw people in and red generally means danger or too striking in high doses.

So lets look at the Mc Donnalds logo: Nice yellow M to draw you in but a big red background that says "Dont hang around here too long, we have to serve the next customer" 

The perfect combination for a 'fast food' joint.


By the way - These coasters have come out beautifully.

I'm really pleased with these and I think they would great on anyone's coffee table.

Three days to finish and my favourites so far :)


  • Beautifully finished hand made coasters in Sennen Cove

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