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This was a successful yield.

I struck gold in a physical sense as well as an emotional sense.

Again it was raining, nobody insight.

A typical cold Sennen winter’s day yet I was warm inside - although as I bent forward to pick up these little red stones, my back was getting soaked.

But these red stones..

I have a warm feeling when it comes to red stones, especially when they’re wet.

A vision of sun like warmth, drying red clay, for some reason gives me a powerful sense of nostalgia. My parents say it’s because when I was a baby, we had a red electrical heater near a water feature in our living room. They reckon that sense comes from that feeling of child hood and being next to that warm heater. Maybe a feeling of pure uncurrupt youth ?

I’m not convinced. This feeling relaxes me, this vision of heat drying damp red stone puts me in coma of emotional safety. More like remembering being in my mum’s womb. That sort of feeling.

Could it be that I’ve remembered that far back.

Or does nostalgia come from something deeper within ?

Nature can promote one to think and feel in wholesome ways...


  • A hand made set of table coasters that capture and freeze in time, one's moments from Sennen Cove.

  • This product will be available to ship on Tuesday 11th January

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