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When plastic dies, shards of plastic remnants can be reincarnated.

I'm recycling plastic from Sennen beach so it can sit on our tables while we drink our tea.

Just imagine all the stories some of these pieces of plastic could tell if if they could talk - they have been, and will be around for a very long time. 

When I was gathering this plastic from the beach, a few people came over to me and asked if I was looking for treasure. I said no, but I hope to make some treasure out of these bits of plastic.

Plastic is strong, light, colourful, low maintenance and very versitile. It's impressive but we haven't been managing this bothersome material as well as we could, and it's a shame that profit always seems to win the fight against responsabitly.

Surely there's an answer ?

I'd suggest a mould in each household's back garden so we can collect plastic and dump it in our household moulds. When you've collected enough, you flick the switch and the plastic is heated and melted into liquid - the liquid runs down a tube and into a mould - these moulds can vary from garden furniture to building supplies or even flat pack sheds !

Everyone would be looking for old plastic if that was the case?

But for now, coasters it is.


To summerise, we keep hearing the phrase "SAVE THE PLANET"

I disagree, the earth is billions of years old and has endured ice ages and meteor storms. All kinds of specias of life form have come and gone. Yes, although the human's carbon footprint has been the most crude, we need to realsise the earth has dealt with a lot more than oil spills and may one day, flick us off, the same way we do a fly off our wrists.


Save the planet ?... SAVE OUR SELVES !! ... To save the planet, we must first save our selves...


Recycle - Reicarnate.



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