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Do any of you have those 'friends' that only interact with you on social media when they are mocking or correcting you ?

I'm sure theyre there somewhere...

Anyway, the past-time of collecting organic matter from the beach is illegal. So that goes for sand, pebbles, shells and stuff.


The silver lining here is that I've found 19th century silver coins right here at Sennen, among other amazing finds through putting in the hours of sifting through sand.


No rhyme or reason for how and where I found such matter. 

Sometimes the things are just there and you have to go find them.


2 old pennys and a silver ring with a cubic zirconia stone.

3 x Silver six pence's (dating 1945, 1941 and 1880).

2 x Silver shillings (dating 1915 and 1922)


All set and finshes on a varnished Sennen drift wood coaster holder.


Sennen Hoard

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